Testori Fabrics made in Italy since 1904

  • High-durability textile solutions
  • Convention halls
  • cinemas
  • sale cinematografiche

High-durability textile solutions.

The technological properties of Testori fabrics are ideal for meeting the requirements of highly wear and intensive use seats as in convention halls and cinemas, while at the same time maintaining an high level of “made in Italy” style and offering a wide range of interiors solutions.

From our experience in the Transportation sector we transfer to this field a series of technical products, such as those for seating upholstery with fireproof and anti-stain properties, including textiles, knitted fabrics and felts in various weights, structures and compositions.
All solutions are available in harmonies coordinated with other products, such as the total blackout or graded shading curtains, carpets and fireproof and anti-dirt wall claddings.
All the available collections are created and manufactured internally, and our research and development structure can develop ad hoc products starting from customer graphic designs, from the presentation of initial prototypes to pre-series manufacturing.
Our internal laboratory is equipped for all the tests required and we issue certifications demanded both by Italian and European laws and those of countries worldwide.