• Nata nel 1904 vicino a Milano, la Manifattura Testori ha celebrato 110 anni
  • Orient Express, Queen Elizabeth,
                            Andrea Doria
  • Concorde
  • storico stabilimento di Novate Milanese

From the mythical Orient Express to the Queen Elizabeth
and the supersonic Concorde.

Founded in 1904 near Milan, Manifattura Testori recently celebrated 120 years of activity.
In more than a century it has brought to life many ambitious and important projects, bringing Italian taste and craftsmanship around the world from the beginning of the 20th century: the so called “made in Italy”.
In the historic site in Novate Milanese, still today the operating headquarter of the Company, in the first decades of the past century, the production concentrated on fabrics for interior furnishings and, subsequently, on those for railways: in the 1930s, Testori created prestige fittings for the Orient Express, the famous train that travelled from Paris to Constantinople and became a symbol of luxury and comfort.

In the Testori archives there is another unforgettable name, Andrea Doria, the beautiful but unfortunate Italian cruise ship, worthy heir of the 1930s transatlantic liners, a favourite for the international jet set at the time for the refinement of its interiors.
Then, between the 1950s and 1960s, Testori began working also with the aviation sector, initially with Air France and Alitalia and later with other world leading airlines.
A very significant achievement for the Company was the supply in the 1970s of the interior furnishings of the supersonic Concorde, which demanded very new material technologies.
The entry into this market proved a significant turning point for the Company, directing it increasingly towards the research for products with an high technological contents for the Transportation sector (aircrafts, trains, cruise ships and buses). This ability to cultivate innovation, while maintaining the traditional values of “made in Italy”, is the unique and specific mission that Manifattura Testori has demonstrated with its fabrics yesterday and today.